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A Paragraph in the Style of Dr. Seuss

A Paragraph in the Style of Dr. Seuss

"I do so like this, yes I do!"
Contest ended 3 years ago 11/27/2012 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 2 credits
  • Jackpot: 50 credits

Contest Options

First Place
# 1
By joem18b (Score: 7.346)

By gorra ko ree, can this even be? Mom and Dad are out shopping but the sitter's not hopping. Instead the girl's dozin while the front door is closin. Behind us. We're free you'll agree to go where we please. To the swamp or the circus or whatever we sees.

Word count: 50
Second Place
# 2
By joem18b (Score: 6.673)

Little Tommy the dinosaur was very upset. His friends' skins were all over the pa-lette. But just to be mean, evolution made him dull green. An old dino said Son don't get your knickers in a kink, a hunnert million years from now we'll all be extinct.

Word count: 47

I've searched the house over, the cabinets and hutch,
I've checked in the laundry room, bedrooms and such,

I flew o'er to Holland and asked all the Dutch,
I've never wanted a Twinkie so much!

Word count: 35
By d0ubl3t4k3s (Score: 6.503)

I've travelled the world and seen Greeches and Sneeches,
Under the ocean rode Fweepches and Kleeches.

I've grown crops and crops of Glops, Skkops and Yops,
And snuck up upon the fiercest of Vrops.

I noticed while tending my Hair Konsense herds,
It's really quite easy to rhyme nonsense words.

Word count: 50
By joem18b (Score: 6.483)

Hey, girls, let's go to the mall. We'll hang and buy doo-dads and fend off some rude cads. I've got my dad's card, we'll catch mom offguard. Let's visit some shops and tease the mall cops and the day will be tops. We'll buy, eat pie, and find a guy.

Word count: 50
By joem18b (Score: 6.437)

Elephants are bigger than cats. Whales are bigger than rats. Tapirs are bigger than bats. Does it matter? Not so much, cause we don't have to fit them with socks or shirts or pants or hats.

Word count: 36
By joem18b (Score: 6.425)

Cog and Dat got together one day.
They didn't know whether to fight or to play.
Insisted the Cog, I say we amble.
Responded the Dat, No I say we scramble.

So they did not walk and they did not tiff.
They only agreed on where to sniff.

Word count: 48

I decided. I'll give this one a dizzy spin,
No. I've not much faith I'll ever win.
Rhyme takes time - and I don't have a lot,
I'm already wasting what little I've got.
Struggling with verb, radical and consonantal
Surely this deserves a trophy for my mantle!

Word count: 47
By joem18b (Score: 6.293)

The Venturecat's a really strange critter. He'll raise lots of money and away it will fritter. He'll dream up some bubbles full of weird hopes: organic computers and anti-gravity ropes. Then just when you think your stock's rising up, the bubble, that's right, will annoyingly go wup!

Word count: 47
By frodo922 (Score: 6.245)

It started out soft but steadily grew
What could it be, no one had a clue;
It caused me to shake, and quiver in fear
Was once far away, but now really near;
Is it something real scary, horrific and foul
Oh wait, I'm okay; it was only my bowel!

Word count: 50

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?


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